Here at Sentry Oil, we offer many services for our customers. From Service Contracts to cover your heating equipment, to our Oil Tank Protection Plan that will cover the cost of your oil tank replacement when the time comes, we have great products and services for all! Please scroll down to take a look at these offered programs.



Providing Superior Oil Burner and
HVAC Services

Home heating and cooling system installations are best left to skilled professionals who can also provide you with ongoing technical support. Sentry Oil in Rutland, MA offers practical and convenient services that allow you to efficiently manage, maintain, and harness the full functionality of your oil burner, electrical circuitry, and chimney systems. Please note, we are only able to service Mini Split or A/C Systems where Sentry Oil was the installer. 

Oil Burner Services

Through our services, you can prepare your heating systems for the onset of the
fall and winter months. We do annual cleaning tasks and inspection routines on all your
oil burning appliances. Our oil burner service contract includes 24/7 emergency coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to provide service to our current oil customers.

Heating Equipment Service Contracts

Have you ever wanted to have some basic coverage on your home heating equipment? We offer various plans from Labor Only to Parts and Labor, and also offer a separate plan for oil fired hot water heaters. Each contract is good for 12 months and includes (1) Annual Tune Up (approx. value of $185.00). You can choose from four different plans depending on the type of equipment in your home. Whether you would want the labor charges only for service calls/emergency calls covered, or a Parts & Labor plan to cover most of your equipment, you have options. (Exclusions DO apply. Please see “Parts That Aren’t Covered” for more information. This includes boilers, boiler blocks, burners, oil tanks, chimneys and power venters when complete failure has occurred. Parts can become obsolete for certain elements and full replacements are required at the homeowners expense.) Please call for a custom quote.

All oil must be purchased via Sentry Oil during the contract period. *All equipment and oil tanks are subject to an inspection before a contract or insurance can be put into place. Sentry Oil has the right to deny or revoke coverage based on system age and status. Anything 20 years old or older cannot be covered by these plans. Please call the office for more information.

Please click the following link for information regarding the plans we offer for your heating equipment. Service Contract Brochure 2023 If there is a plan you are interested in please email or call the office to sign up today.

Sentry Oil Tank Protection Plan  

The cost for the Sentry Tank Protection Program as of 07/01/2022 is $70.00 per year. If you do NOT want to continue this insurance plan because of the rate increase, please contact the office. 

Oil Programs 2022-2023 Pricing

  • Automatic and On-Call Market Price per Delivery
  • Computerized Degree Day Delivery Systems
  • Payment Due Upon Delivery (Cash, Check, or Credit Card)
  • Prepaid Oil Program: Our Prepaid program has closed for the heating season 09/01/2022.
  • 11-Month Capped Budget Program: We are unable to provide a Budget Program this year due to the highly volatile and uncertain oil market. Please call WCAC at 508-754-1176 to see if you qualify for assistance with paying for your heating oil this winter.

HVAC Installations

We have a team of licensed technicians who specialize in installing hot water systems and steam boilers.
Our services also include upgrades and replacements of warm air furnaces, air conditioning units, and ductless, mini-split heat pumps.

Chimney Services

At Sentry Oil, we keep chimneys clean, safe, and functioning properly throughout the year. We offer a full range of chimney services to homeowners in Worcester, MA and its surrounding areas.

Boiler, Furnaces, and Water Heater Installations

Our team will help you stay warm during the winter by installing a variety of appliances for your home’s heating systems.

Get in Touch With Us

Contact us today for more information about our service contract plan options and service item inclusions. You may also call us at (508) 886-4337 to request emergency services.

Did we install your Mini Splits for you over the past few years? We can service them to ensure that they run smoothly for you year after year. We recommend having a Mini Split Tune Up once a year to ensure proper operation and warranty continuation.