Chimney Services

Offering Chimney System Installations, Inspections, and More

Our team at Sentry Oil offers a comprehensive array of chimney services that homeowners are sure to find convenient and practical. We assist clients in and around Worcester, MA with their chimney issues and provide them with the solutions they seek.


Before buying or selling a house, it is best to have the chimneys checked to
determine their interior and exterior conditions. You can rely on us to conduct
ocular and video chimney inspections.


As time goes by, the walls inside chimneys become coated with soot. Passages along the flue liners also get covered with thick creosote residue that builds up as wood chemicals and preservatives are burned in your fireplace. Please call our office so we can refer a cleaning service for your needs.


Sometimes, the insides of chimney liners are compromised when fires break out. As time passes, these fixtures also deteriorate. To make your chimneys safe to use again, we replace damaged parts with new UL-listed chimney liners.



Chimneys can be the cause of water leaking into the home. We conduct inspections to see if you are dealing with this problem and promptly recommend solutions to address it.

Chimney Systems

Our team installs new chimneys and replaces old ones in homes. We can help you make the switch from a power venter to a brick chimney without having to spend more money.


Sentry Oil installs chimney caps so you can get rid of leaves, twigs, or critters gathering in chimney passages. Choose from stainless steel or copper options in a range of natural or powder-coated colors.

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