Boilers, Furnaces, and Water Heaters


Excellent Boiler, Furnace, and Water Heater Installations

Sentry Oil offers multiple methods on how to heat your home during those harsh New England winters. No matter what system you prefer, we will keep your home warm all winter long and ensure that you are never without heat. We travel throughout the Worcester, MA area to install various heating appliances for our clients.


Making sure your central heating system is working properly is one of our top priorities. We inspect, replace, and install boilers and oil burners to warm up your entire home and keep your household living in comfort.


Similar to oil burners, furnaces are another way to warm your home. We will ensure that your furnace is working so you can avoid cold nights.

oil fired furnace

Water Heaters

There is nothing worse than taking a shower and then suddenly, there is no hot water. At Sentry Oil, we fix, install, and replace any water heater to make sure that you never have to experience a cold shower again.

To learn more about our services or to schedule a free in home estimate, reach out to our team today by calling us at (508) 886-4337.