Oil Burner Services


Keep Your Oil-Burning Appliances Safe With Our Services

Annual Cleaning and Inspection

It is best to have your heating systems cleaned and checked for defects in the summer so that your equipment can perform properly during colder months. Sentry Oil in Rutland, MA offers annual cleaning and inspection services that allow clients to keep their oil-burning appliances safe and fully functional throughout the year.

Available Service Contract Plans

For your convenience, all service contract plans include guaranteed 24/7 emergency coverage as well as annual cleaning and inspection.

Quick and Responsive 24/7 Emergency Service

You don’t have to stress yourself out anymore whenever your heating equipment malfunctions or fails. When you call us for emergency services, we will send over a technician to address your concerns. 


A Team of Experts

All of our oil burner technicians are highly trained, qualified, and licensed professionals. No matter the performance issue of your systems, we will find a solution and fix them as soon as possible.

Talk to Us

Contact us today if you have any questions about our annual cleaning and inspection services. Call us at (508) 886-4337.